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Most indicators on the Spokane County Trends website are updated annually, although some indicators can only be updated every two-years and others every five-years. There are even a few indicators receiving updates as frequently as four times a year. However, even the most enthusiastic user of the Trends website has had no way to tell for sure when an indicator was updated - until now.

Subscribers to this newsletter received an email a few weeks back introducing them to the new Spokane County Trends Blog. As the email explained, the blog will be used to keep everyone up-to-date as to what indicators were recently updated. Future emails will offer a quick summary with a hyperlink that will take you directly to the blog. The blog will simply be a list newly updated indicators. Indicator titles will be clickable hyperlinks taking you to the specific indicator on the

Spokane Trends website.

Subscribers to the newsletter will receive blog updates, so no need to subscribe to both.

In the future, emails about blog updates will be sent from this email address: indicatorsmanager@ewu.edu. Make sure to add it to your list of Safe Senders so you don't miss a single update.

As facilitators of the Spokane County Trends website, we hope you enjoy seeing new data and how it compares to previous years or to other closely related indicators as much as we do. We believe keeping you up-to-date through the blog will help you get even more out of the Spokane County Trends website.

Thank you!