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The technological revolution that brought us personal computers and the internet has opened up access to things unimaginable to most people just a few years ago. However, this access now available in most U.S. homes has put a strain on local libraries to stay relevant.

Simon Jenkins, columnist for The Guardian, sees the library dichotomy as "People like having them around, and are angry if they close. But as for using them, well, there is so little time these days."

The Spokane Public Library (SPL) has adapted well to the impact of the internet. However, people might not be aware of some of the resources available at the SPL, such as being able to check out items like telescopes and GPS units, musical instruments, DVD's and Blu-ray discs, books on CD, complete professional video production kits, and

access to computers, printers (includes 3D printing), genealogy databases, and public meeting rooms.

The Business Research & Analysis section of the SPL provides free access to tools and resources such as: technology training (such as instructor-led Gale academic courses, various Microsoft software certifications, and Lynda training videos), multiple market and industry reports, full-text business journals, investment research, Washington State legal forms, and offering a variety of technology workshops held at library facilities across Spokane.

Additionally, residents of Spokane County have free access to the Spokane Business Library. All you need is a valid library card from either the Spokane County Library District or the Spokane Public Library.