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Spokane Community Indicators
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In The Press

Spokane County nears half a million residents

"For the first time in its history, Spokane County sits on the verge of surpassing 500,000 residents, says a recent report released from the Washington state Office of Financial Management, based in Olympia.
As of April 1, OFM says, 499,800 people lived in Spokane County, which marks a 1.5-percent increase from the prior-year figure of 492,530.
Patrick Jones, executive director of Eastern Washington University’s Institute for Public Policy and Economic Analysis, says the county’s 12-month population increase marks its highest growth rate since 2007."
-The Journal of Business - Spokane & Kootenai Counties,  08/03/2017

High-End Apartments Ready in South Perry

"The South Perry district in Spokane’s East Central neighborhood continues its ascent with the opening of high-end apartments that its developers promise to be among the “most luxurious” in town.
The Scott Residences, at 712 S. Scott St., is a cubist, three-story complex on a rocky outcropping within walking distance of the shops and restaurants on South Perry. The two-bedroom apartments are 1,050 square feet with monthly rents that range from $1,400 to $1,650 a month. Each unit has a garage and a dedicated parking space."
-The Spokesman-Review,  07/19/2017

Experts say Spokane Likely is Part of Economic Boom Raising Incomes

"If your wallet seemed a little fuller last year or your paycheck stretched a little farther, you’re not alone. The average American household income jumped 5.2 percent between 2014 and 2015, the U.S. Census Bureau said Tuesday. While comparable figures aren’t available for states or cities yet, area economists said they won’t be surprised if a bump occurred in Washington and Spokane."
-Spokesman Review,  09/14/2016

Median Income Growth Rate in Spokane County Topped State, U.S. Last Year

"Household median income in Spokane County rose at a higher rate in 2014 than statewide or national rates for such growth, although the county still lags behind both in other income and wage measures, says Patrick Jones, executive director of Eastern Washington University’s Institute for Public Policy and Economic Analysis. "
-The Journal of Business - Spokane & Kootenai Counties,  10/08/2015

Banner Year for Approved Patents

"For the first time in more than a decade, Spokane County inventors landed more than 100 patents in a single year last year. At the same time, the past decade shows that Spokane's rate of patent success is flat and falling behind the statewide rate."
-The Spokesman Review,  06/01/2011