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Thank you for visiting the Community Indicators Initiative of Spokane, an online community resource offering a centralized location to learn more about Spokane County. Over 185 indicators are highlighted, all supported by trusted, reliable sources and continually updated.

These measures were chosen by residents of the County through a careful process and represent the preferences of what to measure from the available data. As you begin to examine the nine main categories, we hope you find the information relevant and useful in your daily work and decision-making.


The Community Indicators Initiative of Spokane seeks to improve local, private and public decision-making by providing relevant data in an easily navigable website. The data will serve neutral information for all parties involved.

More specifically, the goals are:

  • To collect and share a broad spectrum of information for individual community members, policy makers, non-governmental organizations,

  • businesses, business organizations, researchers, and the press.
  • To track progress over time of various efforts toward a healthy, vibrant community.
  • To measure the community's progress spatially via benchmarks outside of the County.
  • To enable analysis of these trends.
  • To create a forum for a discussion of the issues underlying the data, either on-line or in person.

A community indicators project must receive its inspiration, general direction, and ultimately, validity from the citizens themselves. Appropriately, the Community Indicators Initiative of Spokane has convened individuals representing many groups, organizations and businesses over three rounds of focus groups since 2005 to arrive at the indicator set you see here.

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Nestled between the Cascade and Rocky Mountains, Spokane is as unique as its moniker "Near Nature, Near Perfect". Spokane County and environs form the 100th largest MSA by population, but combines the best of both a large and small city environment. A large, rushing river runs through the County, with lakes and mountains within a half an hour drive. The community is home for four universities, a diversifying economy, significant sports and cultural events.

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Total Single Parent Families with Children as a Share of Total Families with Children: All families are different. Just like individuals, there is not one family that is exactly the same. So, we must be careful applying generalities to any family, and especially families where there are single parents with children. Although we cannot apply generalities to all situations, we do know single parent families with children face different challenges than families with two parents.

We must keep in mind there are millions of positive, productive, and successful people who have come from single parent families. In fact, two of our last three U.S. Presidents grew up in single parent homes. Still, this doesn’t discount the difficulties and challenges single parent families struggle with every day. more information.